Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bern Baby Bern

I should of been on this earlier but Bernie is going to join a team in the Puerto Rico Winter League next week. He hopes to make the Puerto Rico team and play in the WBC. If I was the Yankees I think i would see how he does and offer him a 1 million 1 yr contract and see what he can do and then he can also train Gardner. I would save the money on Cameron and use it towards Texiera. Mark Texiera by the way has now recieved an offer from the Angels for 8 yrs and believed to be at least 150 million. If the Yanks are not going to get him then I just hope he doesn't end up in Beantown. If I was the Yanks i would still spend the money and get him but lets see what happens. Lets all root for Bernie Williams, i will enjoy watching him play in the WBC if he makes it.

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