Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yanks lose

The New York Yankees lost to the Cleveland Indians by the score of 5-4 today. I was not able to watch the game as I wasn't home. I did catch the postgame and read the notes though, Brett Gardner may have cost them the game by missing a sign and not running in the ninth inning with 1st and 3rd one out and then Posada grounded into a double play. Phil Coke started the ninth by walking the number 9 hitter which is inexcusable. Brett Gardner also misplayed a ball into a run earlier in the game. Phil Hughes wasn't great, I guess you can't win them all. The good thing about the game was Tex continues his hot hitting with a 2 run homer and a 2 run double and Chien-Ming Wang was outstanding pitching 3 shutout innings. He said he hasn't felt this good since he got hurt last year and that if given the chance he can start a game and get to 80 pitches then 100 in the start after that. Joe Girardi was noncomittal but it looks like he may make a move on that fairly soon. Joba Chamberlain will try to give the Yankees the series win and wrap up the roadtrip at 5-2. The other thing about this game is the Yankees tied a record with their 17th consecutive game without an error.

1 comment:

  1. This was a game that they should have won. I had a feeling after Jorge grounded into the DP that the Yankees were going to lose.



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