Monday, May 25, 2009

Yanks/Rangers recap

The New York Yankees defeated the Texas Rangers by a score of 11-1 today. Phil Hughes got the start and pitched brilliantly, he went 8 innings giving up 3 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. He wanted to finish the game but Joe Girardi didn't let him. I have a picture of him above from today's game. He won the WWE belt that for each yankees win whoever the player of the game is gets to keep it for the day. He was wearing it in the postgame interviews and was really proud of it. Alfredo Aceves finished off the game giving up a homerun but then retiring the next 3 batters to finish the game.
A-rod always has played great in The Ballpark at Arlington and today was no different as he went 5 for 5, 3 singles and 2 doubles with 4 rbi's. Mark Teixeira had a couple of more hits and a couple of rbi's. Derek Jeter had a hit and a walk, Johnny Damon had a couple of hits and a walk. Robinson Cano had a couple of hits and a couple of rbi's. Melky Cabrera, Nick Swisher and Ramiro Pena all had a hit and Kevin Cash had 3 hits. Everyone in the Yankees lineup had at least one hit and they had the most hits they have had all season with 19.
The Yankees will play tomorrow night with Joba Chamberlain on the mound trying to get the Yankees on another winning streak. The only thing I didn't like about today's game was the Red caps the Yankees were forced to wear by MLB for Memorial Day. I just thought they were terrible and the Yankees shouldn't be wearing anything different then usual. I am fine with the flag in the NY but not red caps.

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