Friday, July 31, 2009

Yanks lose a tough one

The New York Yankees lost to the White Sox last night 3-2. This was a pitchers duel as Gavin Floyd and Andy Pettitte were in a 1-1 game in the 7th inning. Andy Pettitte came oBulleted Listut for the bottom of the 7th and gave up a soft grounder that he went to field for an easy out and slipped on the wet grass getting a tough error. He then got one out and a ball that was hit hard but at A-d rod wasn't fielded and turned into another hit for 1st and second, Phil Hughes came on and in what should of been an inning ending double play Robbie Cano threw wildly to first as AJ Pyrzinski made a dirty slide if you can even call it that and the run scored. The Yankees had 2 outs and no one on in the ninth when Nick Swisher tied the game with a solo homerun. The Yankees went to the bottom of the ninth feeling good. Phil Coke came on with 1 out and 1st and second and got a strikeout but then Dwayne Wise, a 180 hitter who is a defensive replacement came on and lied one up the middle that Phil Coke almost had and the White Sox won the game.

This was one of those tough losses but the Yankees need to forget it and move on, Sergio Mitre is on the mound today which isn't who you want after a loss but he is 2-0 and the Yankees should score some runs today.

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  1. Even though they lost, I am happy that Andy pitched a decent game. We are going to need him down the stretch



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