Thursday, August 20, 2009

Joba rules part II

The plan has been in place since spring training but no one knew what would happen or what the plan was. Joba Chamberlain didn't even know until recently, he is going to make 6 more starts. The debate continues with this guy now just in a different way, it has been proven that young pitchers under 25 should not increase their innings by too much more then 30 year to year. Joba Chamberlain has had some arm issues in the past and he didn't pitch much in college or the minor leagues so that is also why the Yankees want to be extra careful with him. Joba Chamberlain appears to be on pace for about 165 innings this year and then the postseason where the Yankees say don't count, it is just a regular season innings limit. The question is this Joba only threw a little over a 100 innings last year so isn't 165 too many innings?? How did the Yankees come up with this number and if it is so strict why doesn't it matter in the postseason?? I personally believe that he needs to be the 4th starter in the postseason and may only get 2 starts if the Yankees make the world series so it won't be going that much over the limit but still why does it seem to change because it is the postseason?? Did the Yankees factor this in and aren't telling anyone but this is way more then the suggested 30 innings increase that most teams go by. I guess the bottom line is this, if Joba pitches well and helps the Yankees win the world series and is healthy then no one is going to worry about it. I also am going to believe that the Yankees know better then any of us what they are doing, they are the New York Yankees after all.

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