Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Yankee Notes

Good morning all, I forgot to put these notes last night. I guess I can start with Mariano Rivera who gave up his first run last night since June 12th, it had to happen eventually but he still converted his 29th straight save. Brett Gardner had his cast removed and hopes to be back in a cou ple of weeks, they miss his speed that is for sure. He adds a different element to the team. It appears that Chad Gaudin will start in Joba Chamberlains spot on Sunday, if this does happen then part of the plan would be to skip Joba when they can. Sergio Mitre will start on Saturday, this is interesting though because then two days in a row you have questionable pitching but it is in Seattle and they probably figure they can outhit them. A.J. Burnett is still giving, he is taking the original WWE belt they have and having everyone on the team sign it. He then is going to auction it off and all the proceeds will be going to Camp Sundown. If you don't remember those are the kids with the rare condition where they can't be in light and they came to the game and then had the carnival until 3AM on the last homestand. What a great job by A.J. not only has he pitched well and stayed on the field he has shown to be a good person and teammate also.


  1. I can't believe Mitre is getting another shot.

  2. Well me either but he is actually doing ok now and they are 4-2 in his starts which is amazing.



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