Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York Yankees News

There isn't any news coming out of Yankee Land. The Yankees will be holding organizational meetings tomorrow and Friday. GM Brian Cashman, Manager Joe Girardi, Owners Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, President Randy Levine and others. They will be discussing possibly trading for Roy Halladay which I am hearing they are leaning towards maybe trading for him for one year without an extension then letting him go and getting the draft picks. They will also discuss how much they want and want to offer Damon, Matsui and Pettitte. I am thinking Pettitte comes back. Joe Girardi certainly thinks he will be back. I don't think Matsui will be back and I do think Damon is iffy but I think he will end up coming back on a 2 year deal. I think ultimately the Yankees will shy away from Roy Halladay and have Joba and Hughes in the rotation with David Robertson and Damaso Marte as main set up guys with Phil Coke and Alfredo Aceves as other guys in the pen. They also still have guys like Mark Melancon and Mike Dunn, Albaladejo etc. Ian Kennedy, Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin will also be backups for long men or starters. Brian Cashman did a breakfast with Mike Francesa and WFAN listeners yesterday. You can find a writeup about it on Brian Cashman really told a lot, some of the highlights were him calling Joe Torre's book garbage, him saying that some of his coaches were lying to him. Cashman had told some of the coaches it sounds like maybe Larry Bowa to go talk to Jeter about his defense and they kept telling Cash, we did it. Brian Cashman didn't see any difference so finally he went to him in the offseason and Jeter said no one had told him anything. Brian Cashman also said he is back to trying to get the payroll somewhat like it used to be where he doesn't go crazy spending and does things wisely.

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