Friday, January 15, 2010

What is the deal with Johnny Damon

I have maintained pretty much all winter that there really is no market for Johnny Damon. The last few days have brought rumors of Detroit and Atlanta being interested and that was about it. Today it came out that Detroit and Atlanta basically said there is no way they would sign Johnny Damon. I know that people can say lots of things and not mean them but it really looks like right now Johnny Damon has no market. I am sure that could change and some mystery team can come out and sign him but it doesn't look like that would happen at this point. The Yankees may be his best option but he may have screwed himself by not working it out with them in the first place for the 2 years. I think both sides just need to get together and work something out. I think Damon needs the Yankees more then they need him but he was a pretty good #2 hitter and they wouldn't be worse off for resigning him.


  1. His best bet would be to throw Boras off the bridge and go to the Yankees on bended knee for a one year deal for $5m plus incentives and some kind of option for a second. Otherwise his value is about $2m. The Yankees might do it for old times sake.

  2. I agree, there just doesn't seem to be any market for him. He needs the Yankees more the they need him but he is good in the clubhouse and a good 2 hitter.



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