Thursday, February 11, 2010

One last long weekend without baseball

I will be enjoying a nice 4 day Presidents Day weekend and this will be the last weekend without baseball. Pitchers and Catchers will begin reporting next week, with the Yankees reporting on Thursday. I know the games don't start until March 1st but still there will be plenty to write about from the workouts and then eventually the exhibition games. It is a very exciting time of the year and it means that spring is drawing near which is always a good thing. Here are some things to keep an eye out for this weekend. It appears that the Johnny Damon saga may be coming to an end. The Detroit Tigers have apparently offered him a 2 yr deal for 14 million. If he does end up signing that, isn't it what he was offered by the Yankees and didn't he say he wanted to stay a Yankee?? The Atlanta Braves have offered him a one year deal and appear that they are still taking with him. It was being reported earlier today that the Chigago White Sox were trying to make a late push for him. I would guess he is going to sign with the Tigers by the end of this weekend. The New York Mets signed catcher Josh Riggans to a minor league deal today along with veteran Japanese lefty Hisanora Takahashi. My question is are the Mets playing a game of lets see how many catchers we can sign, they have an insane amount on their roster right now. Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine officially retired today. Tom Glavine will be joining the Braves front office. Tim Lincecum's arbitration hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. The Giants have offered him a long term deal for 3 years and 37 million. He is seeking 13 million for the one year and the Giants offered 8 million. It looks like he will go to the hearing and not sign the long term deal.

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