Thursday, March 11, 2010

New York Mets Conference Call regarding Jose Reyes

The New York Mets held a conference call at 12:30PM this afternoon regarding Jose Reyes. Omar Minaya was on that call. Here is some of what was said courtesy of Matthew Cerrone of Mets Blog. The Mets issued a statement today to update Jose Reyes condition. The statement said that Jose Reyes does have hypothyroidism. Jose Reyes and his representatives have been informed of the results by the Mets physicians. The current treatment plan is calling for rest, dietary changes, and refraining from athletic activities which is the big one. Doctors will monitor Reyes thyroid levels through blood tests and he will be able to resume baseball activities once they are stabilized. Peter Greenberg who is Jose Reyes agent was also on the conference call. Omar Minaya stated he did not know when the thyroid levels will go back to normal and he has no specific timefram. Peter Greenberg said that he views the diagnosis as good news. He said that Reyes is disappointed that he will be out weeks as opposed to days. Minaya stressed that there is no medication to treat Reyes ailment. Greenberg said that it will likely take 2-8 weeks for levels to stabalize but that the doctors said this is the best possible diagnosis because it is a very treatable illness. Minaya said that when Reyes does return he has to be built up again, as far as running and those type of things. He said this is why he went out and signed Alex Cora this offseason. Reyes will stay at home in New York while he recovers and will see the doctors next week. Greenberg said that Reyes did exercise on Monday and Tuesday but has since learned that he needs to shut it down completely. He will "just watch a lot of movies with his family" for now. Minaya admitted that the reality is that he may miss the start of the season and although he won't say that he will start on the DL for sure the Mets are preparing for that. I can only say that I can't believe this just keeps happening, it is like a circus. I hope that they have everything right now and he will be back sooner then later. I have a feeling though this will turn out to be like a 2 or 3 month thing and you wont see Reyes to at least June either. I will have more on this later on.

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