Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yankees Postgame Notes

The big topic was Derek Jeter and here are some quotes courtesy of Josh Thomson of the Journal News. Derek Jeter turned around and saw a swarm of reporters and had a bemused smile on his face. He couldn't understand it, it is just a cold after all. He said "It's really not a big deal." He was asked if he wanted to play today and answered with "What do you think." He was asked if he would play Tuesday in Oakland and said "Yes, I could have played today but you have 2 days, so that is pretty much it." Here is what Ramiro Pena said regarding his 2 run single. "I tried to get a good pitch. I didn't hit it that good exactly, but it is still a hit. It felt good, I got the oppurtunity to play and I just tried to do my job, that's it." There was nothing else going on postgame as it has been a serene year so far for the Yankees. It was like that all spring and has continued into the season. They just go out there and do their job everyday and come up with a win usually and move on to the next game. It is great to see and this game hasn't even hit their stride yet, it is pretty scary to think that they could get better.

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