Thursday, June 3, 2010

MLB News and Notes

Ken Griffey retired from baseball last night. He will go down in history as one of the greatest players of all time. I am a little suprised he did it now and not at the end of the season but I guess he just realized it wasn't happening anymore. He should of been the story of the day but was overshadowed by Jim Joyce. Jim Joyce is the umpire who cost the pitcher Galaragga a perfect game. If you didn't see it or hear about and I am sure everyone has by now it was the last out of a perfect game and the hitter was clearly out by a full step or more and Joyce called him safe so the perfect game became a one hit shutout. I have to give credit for the pitcher who is handling this so well saying he will tell his kids and grandkids one day that he did pitch a perfect game but this is what happened. The comissioner and some other baseball officials are meeting about it now but I don't think you can overturn it, it would take away from the moment and also this will be remembered more because of what happened. It may also open up a pandora's box situation. This will definitely spark the debate of instant replay though, I like how they do it with the home runs but I am not a big fan of it and still like the human element. These umpires have gotten worse and worse though and something has to be done, maybe punishing them or training them better, I don't really know what the best answer is but something needs to be done. I am sure no one feels worse than Jim Joyce though.

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