Thursday, January 13, 2011

A live baseball Chat Site

I have been in contact with Dean Collins over the last couple of days. He sent me some stuff about his new site I thought you would be interested in hearing about it and maybe taking a look. Here are some of the key aspects of the site. It is a very intersting concept, one that I have not seen before quite like this. Live Chat Concepts is the parent company formed to develop Live Chat Applications that can be scaled for large numbers of people to chat online while watching live sporting events. They have 12 websites and the same account username and password can be used for all of them. They have more websites that will be coming online over the next year and depending on what sport you are intersted in would be the website you would log into. You may ask well how does this work?? What can I do with this website?? That would be a good question, it is a free site that allows you to chat real time with other baseball fans during any of the thousands of MLB games that will go on this season. There is a dedicated chat room started for each game and it will go live 30 minutes before each pitch and go off 30 minutes after the last pitch. You can be a fan of any team this way and chat with other fans of that team from anywhere or just baseball fans in general watching that game. A question may be well I use twitter and get my news from there. The reason this site was started is because the owner loves to interact with friends during games. You can do that through twitter, facebook, IM but here you can do it with a bunch of people all at the same time. This allows fans of other teams also so there can be trash talking and good natured discussion. How is this different then the team forums?? It is different because usually after the games you get recaps from blogs or just the forum. The problem though is that during a game you have to keep refreshing and jumping around a lot with different posts and then the feeling of an actual conversation gets lost. The site is hoping to partner with a lot of team forums and blogs because it is a different functionality. It is simple to join just use any browser and go to A username and password has to be registered but then that is all you have to do. There are no downloads and once finished you can go into the site and see the schedule of chats. An email can be sent that contains a chat room URL and go right to your twitter or facebook feed. It automatically will link to the chat room you are currently in. You can see who is in the room with you and get more information on them by clicking on their name. I really think this is a great site and will be participating in it myself. I would love to see more people hop aboard and try it out. It has the potential to get really big and I think a lot of connections can be made or just good friendships and discussion about the great game of baseball. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or go on the site and contact Dean yourself.


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