Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yankees News and Notes from Day One of Camp | WorldNewsVine

Here are some Yankees news and notes from day one of camp. The main story lines are Jorge Posada transitioning to DH which suprisingly he seems at peace with now. He said it was hard at first but he has had all winter to think about it and get used to it. He says he realizes now he can maybe get 400 at bats which he hasn't done in more then three years. I also believe this will help him and maybe he will play beyond this year, he said he doesn't know what will happen after this season but doesn't want to be anywhere else. The other topic is A.J. Burnett, he said he realizes how important he is and is in a good place. He was visited in the winter by GM Brian Cashman and also new pitching coach Larry Rothschild. I believe the key to their season is Burnett, if he can bounce back then they will be ok, they have a solid top three and the bottom two won't be as much of a factor with the strong bullpen. Yankees News and Notes from Day One of Camp WorldNewsVine

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  1. Hey man sweet Yanks blog. Check out my latest post on our site, the Sterling Shakers (also a tribute to the Yankees horrible commentator). Not all Yankees stuff, but we get some good stuff up there from time to time. Love the preview. I will link to you on my sidebar.



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