Friday, April 15, 2011

Mets lose doubleheader

The New York Mets season is quickly spiraling out of control.  They lost both games of a doubleheader yesterday and got swept in the four game series against the Colorado Rockies at home.  The Mets finished their homestand at 1-6.  The Mets will head to Atlanta for three games starting tonight before returning home.  The Mets record is not 4-9 on the season and they need to get it turned around quick. 

The Mets are in almost every game and the first game they came within one hit of winning that game but they couldn't get it done in the ninth inning with David Wright up and two men on.  The Mets also haven't gotten Jason Bay back which is a problem, he should be back in a couple of weeks but who knows with that.  Carlos Beltran has looked pretty good and the offense has been scoring runs but the pitching isn't there.  the Mets have Mike Pelfrey as their number one pitcher but he isn't even pitching like a number four pitcher.  R.A. Dickey has had a couple of rough starts in a row and Jon Niese is a young up and down kind of pitcher.  The Mets have Chris Young and Capuano but you don't know how long they will last or what you will get out of them.  Young has been terrific but he already got pushed back a couple of days with biceps tendenitis. 

The Mets need a good series in Atlanta and get some confidence back and then go win some games at home.  If this keeps up there will be no one at Citi Field come June or July and that will not only look bad but continue to hurt their purse and could force the owners to sell.  They may get minority owners in but that still remains to be seen. 

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