Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yankees Postgame Notes

The Yankees now have 11 men on the disabled list with Derek Jeter joining the party.  It was hard to tell last night as they beat up on the Rangers 12-4.  They are having trouble with Boston but seem to be just fine with everyone else. 

Swisher said the show goes on and Gardner said that there are some guys that are irreplaceable but that they have other guys and they need to step up and get the job done.  He said it isn't something they can dwell on.  Nunez said "I can show everyone that I can play."  It is his oppurtunity and I can see him being the shortstop in a couple of years pushing Jeter out of the way.  Jeter was sitting with him last night in the dugout giving him some advice and all.  It looked like class was in session and that was good to see.  Nunez will play every game for the next two weeks and he will have a chance to shine.

The Yankees are 17-9 since May 17th.  They have won four out of their last five.  Three of the losses have come to the Boston Red Sox.  The Yankees scored nine of their runs with two outs which is good to see.  The offense has been getting back to more of what they can do in the last couple of weeks. 

This was the fifth time that they have scored at least 12 runs in a game started by Sabathia.  To say he has the run counter on is an understatement.  Granderson has three less homeruns then he had all of last year.  He hit his 21st and fourth in his last six games.  It was also his sixth in seven games against the Rangers. 

The Yankees and Rangers will be at it again tonight at 7:00PM on the YES Network.  It will be Ivan Nova against Derek Holland.

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