Friday, July 15, 2011

The Mets lose to the Phillies

The New York Mets have roughly ten days or so to impress their GM.  If they don't you can see some more moves being made and the team being broken up.  Carlos Beltran will probably get traded, maybe Jason Isringhausen although he has said he doesn't want to go anywhere, I don't know who else could go on the team but you never know.  They didn't impress anyone tonight losing 7-2 to a clearly better team in the Phillies. 

The Mets aren't facing Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay this weekend but Vance Worley looked just as good as they could against the Mets.  Worley threw a good game and the Mets couldn't do much at all against him.  Worley is 5-1 filling in for Roy Oswalt.  It is amazing what the Phillies pitching staff has been able to do. 

The Mets offense came from Daniel Murphy who had a couple of hits.  He was the only batter to have more then one hit.  The Mets clearly miss Jose Reyes, he may come back next week and they may also be getting David Wright back soon.  Wright is scheduled to start a rehab assignment tomorrow. 

The Mets and Phillies will play game two of their three game series tomorrow afternoon at 4:10PM.  The Mets record is now 46-46 an even 500, they will try and avoid falling back below it.  The Phillies are 19 games over 500. 

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