Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mets notes mostly dealing with Carlos Beltran

The trade deadline is quickly approaching and Carlos Beltran is the name you most hear when dealing with the Mets.  Is it possible they make some other minor moves, maybe so but he is the one guy that they will deal and get something in return for.  Buster Olney wondered today if Reed Johnson could be a trade target for some of the teams looking at Beltran.  The teams you most hear is the Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers.  I might be missing a team but those are the teams you hear about. 

Beltran has said he would prefer being traded to an NL team but I am not sure that will prevent GM Sandy Alderson from dealing him to the AL if he thinks it is the right move.  The Mets also don't want to drag this right to the deadline, so I would expect something to be done by the middle of this week.  I don't think this will go into the weekend because that is the deadline. 

Beltran has 24 hours to approve the trade so the deadline for him is really 3:59 on Saturday of next week.  Those are the main Mets notes, there isn't much else going on.  Ike Davis will wait a couple of more weeks before deciding on surgery.  If he does have surgery he will be out the rest of the season which I would expect. 

Wright has been back for two games and already has three hits, he also has RBI in both games.  Wright is a very good player and the Mets have needed him.  He makes their lineup much better and deeper.  If they had Ike Davis they would have a pretty good lineup, but they haven't had their regular lineup pretty much all year. 

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