Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Outlaws win a hard fought battle over Cape Cod

The New Jersey Outlaws defeated the Cape Cod Bluefins by a score of 6-3. Don’t let the final score fool you though, this was a hard fought game. The Outlaws jumped out to an early lead but Cape Cod came right back and tied the game 37 seconds later. The first period ended with the Outlaws having a 2-1 lead. 
The goals in the first period were scored by Kevin Cooper, Andrew Hutton and Matthew Puntureri. The assists were from Travais Kauffeldt, Puntureri, Matt Harrington and Stephen Kelley of the Bluefins and Nathan Oke and Lawne Snyder of the Outlaws. Jason Reese scored unassisted in the second period to give the Outlaws a 3-1 lead but Billy Tibbetts scored on the power play to make it a 3-2 game and that is how the second period would end. The third period would see New Jersey score three goals late after Cape Cod tied the game up at three. The New Jersey coaching staff wasn’t happy and was really letting them have it on the bench. The Outlaws responded and put the game away.

The goals in the third period were scored by Brad Surdam unassisted 38 seconds into the period and then Matt Miller scored twice for the Outlaws and the final goal of the game was scored by Reese off of a long outlet pass.

The game got chippy at the end with New Jersey trying to stay away from the fighting. They couldn’t take anymore though and with 22 seconds left all heck broke loose as their were several skirmishes. The head coach of New Jersey Chris Fiorello was even yelling from the bench at Cape Cod. The Outlaws were able to get the three points and stay atop the standings.

The Outlaws will play game two of four in four nights at home at the Capital One Ice Vault on Thursday night. They will take on the Brooklyn Aviators.

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