Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yankees Spring Training Notes From The First Workout

I wouldn't say that anything really big came out of spring training today.  Mariano Rivera did show up on time though and spoke with the media.  He had an announcement well sort of.  He said he has made up his mind on retiring or not.  He isn't going to say what his decision is right now though.  It sure sounded like this will be his farewell tour.  If it is everyone needs to watch and admire every time you see him pitch especially in person.  Rivera is a living legend and there will never be another like him. 

Joe Girardi also spoke about a few small items which he usually doesn't do.  Girardi basically announced that the first five in his lineup would be Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.  I think that was assumed but it is unlike Girardi to do that so early.  I like the lineup that way and feel it is best that way.  I would expect Nick Swisher, Raul Ibanez, Russell Martin and Brett Gardner to round out the lineup.  That is a pretty good lineup if you ask me. 

Girardi also said David Robertson would be his eighth inning guy and Rafael Soriano the seventh inning guy.  He also said that Francisco Cervelli is almost certainly going to be the backup catcher.  That was a little bit surprising with Austin Romine also being there.  I think the Yankees like the idea of Romine developing more and being in AAA this season.  I think they also like him working with the pitchers who are on the cusp of coming up and maybe having them all come up together.  Romine appears to be the catcher of the future and with Martin the Yankees can afford to wait on him. 

The notes from Girardi are coming from the beat writers who are down in Tampa covering the team already.  There was also some A.J. Burnett talk as the trade was just finalized.  I am going to paraphrase what was said but Martin basically said that sometimes he would let negative thoughts get in his way.  He said that Burnett was always his own toughest critic.  He said he probably cared more then anybody and he worked extremely hard, he just couldn't get it figured out. 

Sabathia said it is tough because they came into this together.  He also said though he thinks it will be good for him.  He said sometimes a change of scenery is just what is needed.  He said that their families became very close and that will be the tough part.  Joe Girardi said a lot of nice things.  He said from his point of view he did everything that was asked of him.  Girardi said he worked hard and came prepared.  He said he had a good time with him and that A.J. won a lot of important games for the Yankees.  Martin said he text him after the trade and told A.J. he was going to bunt off of him. 

Martin also revealed today the Yankees were talking to him about a possible three year deal.  He said that the talks never progressed though.  He said numbers were discussed but he won't say what they are and he loves being with the Yankees. 

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