Friday, July 13, 2012

The New York Mets First Half Report

The New York Mets had a surprising first half of the season. Why do I say that?? They finished above 500 and were an exciting team. There wasn’t anyone not even the most optimistic fan who thought that the Mets would be any good this year. They have proved a lot of people wrong in the first half of the season.

The Mets have had great starting pitching led by R.A. Dickey who is having a career year and continues to be a great story. Johan Santana has also been great and he has stayed healthy. Santana was coming back, but I don’t think you could of predicted him being healthy and this productive. Chris Young has also come back from shoulder surgery and been healthy. Jon Niese and Dillon Gee were pitching pretty well also and until the All Star Break when Gee was diagnosed with a blood clot in his shoulder, they were also healthy.

The Mets weakness has been their bullpen, it is a work in progress. The Mets will try and improve it through a trade if they can but it looks like they will try to promote from within to start. They will see what they have in the minor leagues and if that could help first. The Mets also have had a pretty good lineup led by lots of youngsters and home grown players. Ike Davis started off miserably but he has picked it up lately. Ruben Tejada has made the Mets fans forget Jose Reyes, he did miss some time with injury but he has been great. Kirk Nieuwenhuis has been an exciting player for them and Jordany Valdespin when he has been up has also been exciting. Daniel Murphy has always been a good hitter and it looks like he has found a home at second base. He has played a pretty good second for them.

The Mets biggest key to them staying in the race in the second half is their health. This can all fall apart if they start losing players. The Mets really have no depth and if that gets tested they won’t be able to withstand it at all. They may have lost Gee for the season and that will hurt but I think they can survive that. They may call up one of their top pitching prospects in Matt Harvey although I think they should be careful about rushing him. The Mets look to continue and surprise people and maybe actually make the playoffs.

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