Saturday, October 6, 2012

MLB Playoffs have started and drama already

The baseball playoffs began on Friday with two wild card play in games. They were one game playoffs between the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles and the Cardinals won each upsetting the home team and advancing to play the number one seed. 
In the case of the Orioles they will be taking on their division rivals the New York Yankees and the Cardinals will be taking on the Washington Nationals.

In the Braves/Cardinals game there was some controversy as a infield fly was called in the eighth inning. When you first saw the play the thought is that the ball was in the outfield how could an infield fly be called?? The answer to that though is, it can be called anywhere in the field as long as an infielder has a reasonable chance to catch the ball. The call itself wasn’t wrong the more I have reviewed it and gone over the rule. The only thing that may have been wrong was that the umpire called it too late. He seemed to call it an infield fly as the ball was coming down. The display that the fans in Atlanta put on was despicable and that should never happen.

The other game was a close game for the most part and then the Orioles scored a couple of ninth inning runs to put the game away. The Orioles and Yankees split their 18 games this season and it will be the first time that divisional opponents will meet each other in the first round. I believe the Yankees are a better team and will win in four games. In the postseason though anything could happen. I think that the Nationals will also win and the Red/Giants matchup is very intriguing. I would say that the Reds would win but that is a very tough series to pick. The Oakland Athletics are a hot team but the Tigers have a triple crown winner and one of the best pitchers in baseball. I think the Tigers will probably win that series in five games.

It should be a fun and exciting postseason and I will keep it all covered here on the blog. I will have full Yankees coverage coming tomorrow. I also do want to do a Mets season in review article in the near future.

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