Thursday, December 13, 2012

R.A. dickey is an angry Elf

The Mets had their annual holiday party, one of them dresses as Santa and they have a couple of elves. David Wright was there as Santa and R.A. Dickey and Ike Davis were elves. Dickey seemed to speak out about the Mets and their lack of effort with getting a deal done with him. I personally didn’t think it was horrible but it didn’t look good what he said. I am not sure that a event with children was the right place to air out your grievances. I do understand why he is upset though, he is only looking for a two year deal with fair market value. Dickey did win a Cy Young award last season. 
I think they may keep him but just have him on the final year of his deal. I think the Mets could trade him but want a really good deal for him and if not I don’t see them giving him two years. They probably should just give him a two year extension and leave it at that. Johan Santana is in his last year and the rest of the staff is young. It is good to have a veteran presence around but we will see how it plays out.

The other big story which is more up to date is Josh Hamilton agreeing to a deal with the Anaheim Angels on Thursday afternoon. He signed for five years and 125 million dollars. What a lineup they have with Pujols and Hamilton in the middle and they also have Mike Trout. The rivalry between the Angels and Rangers has also really picked up steam with this. The Angels and Dodgers though in different leagues have a little territorial rivalry going like the Mets and Yankees. It will be interesting to see how Hamilton performs outside his comfort zone. He won’t be expected to be the guy in Anaheim as Pujols and Trout are also there. A city like Los Angeles though can be very tempting and they better have someone watching his every move to make sure he doesn’t fall off the wagon.

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