Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New York Rangers get off to a slow start and then finally win against Boston

The New York Rangers lost their first two games of the season. They lost in Boston and then they came home and lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I should say that although the Rangers are one of the favorites those were two top teams they were facing also to start the season. Rick Nash did record an assist in his first game and a goal in his second game. The Rangers just didn’t look crisp though and then finally on Wednesday night at home against Boston they won a thrilling game in OT. They looked more like themselves winning 4-3 in OT, Marion Gaborik recorded a hat trick. 
The Rangers were more physical, they were dropping down to block more shots and they get a hard fought win which they needed. They will head to Philadelphia to take on the Flyers on Thursday night. The Flyers have started the season 0-3 and the Rangers will try and make that 0-4 while putting a winning streak together. The Rangers will then be back home on Saturday night to take on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Henrik Lundqvist has given up some goals although I don’t think most have been his fault. He will have to get a little bit better though and the defense has to start to tighten up, I think they were more on track in this game. They gave up a late goal which was disappointing but then erased that with a quick game winner in overtime. Rick Nash has been really impressive, he had some brilliant moves that the goalie made some good saves on, he is close to really exploding though. I like the pairing of Nash, Richards and Gaborik on the top line and I think you will continue to see that for the foreseeable future. It is a short season but there is still plenty of time and the Rangers have their first two points of the season. They would like to push that to four points tomorrow and then go from there. They do have a majority of games at home to start the season so they would like to take advantage of that.

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