Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yankees pitchers and catchers report to spring training

The New York Yankees pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training on Tuesday morning. They were there for their physicals, some guys played catch in the outfield and the manager met the media today. The first official workout is tomorrow morning. Here are some of the notes from today. 
Alex Rodriguez will rehab in New York and not join the team in spring training. Girardi said it has nothing to do with distractions but that there is just no reason for him to be in spring training. If you want to believe that it is fine but I am sure they just don’t want him around and deal with anything more with him.

Girardi said that for now he wants to keep Brett Gardner in left and Curtis Granderson in center but that they will continue to discuss it and won’t completely rule out a change. It seems to me that Girardi wants to keep it how it is. I think Gardner is probably a better center fielder but he was the best or one of the best left fielders so why mess with that. Girardi said the lineup is a work in progress, he gave no indication of his ideas for that. I would think that you can go Ichiro, Jeter, Cano, Tex, Granderson, Youkilis, Hafner, Stewart/Cervelli, Gardner. I like that lineup but I realize you could also go with Gardner at the top or Jeter, Granderson could bat second. Nunez could get a lot of play and that could change things a little. I think the lineup will be a lot different but that they will have the ability to score runs in different ways.

Girardi did say that Austin Romine might not be exactly on equal footing with Stewart or Cervelli but that he does have a real chance to win the job. I think they will send him to AAA and go with the other two guys in a platoon type situation. I think Romine could eventually come up and take the job though before the season is over. I would love to see Romine take the job because the Yankees need youth and more home grown players.

CC Sabathia spoke a little today and said he didn’t think he was as hurt as he was last season. He said now that he feels great and he knows the difference because he is healthy now. He said he just wants to concentrate on staying healthy now. He said he lost about 10 pounds and is down to 290 which is about the same as last spring. He said he gained the ten during the season which he is ok with because it just happens but right now he feels good and is at the ideal weight.

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