Monday, February 18, 2013

Yankees Spring Training Report-Monday(First Full Squad Workout)

Derek Jeter was of course the big topic as he went through his drills. He joked that his ankle felt terrible and then laughed and said no it feels good. Robinson Cano talked contract but really didn’t say much. He did say it isn’t about the money and why wouldn’t he want to be a Yankee? Of course it is about the money though, isn’t it always about the money?? 
He said he is just focused on helping the team win this year and get another championship. That is the Yankees company line so he has learned well. He said he isn’t going to think about it, I would expect a huge year from him though knowing he is going to cash out either from the Yankees or someone else. I think they will keep him because he is the next guy in that long line of Yankees.

Ichiro Suzuki as always had a funny comment. He was talking about the Derek Jeter getting fat headline over the winter and said “I came and Derek Jeter was not the eater that the media portrayed him to be.” “It was good to see him that way.”

Mark Montgomery is a rising star in the Yankees system. He is a relief pitcher, he tweaked his back today, Joe Girardi just said it is spasms and he will be out a couple of days. Girardi did talk lineup a little but didn’t say for sure where Cano will hit, it has to be either third or fourth. I personally would bat him third and have Teixeira protecting him. He also didn’t commit to Ichiro being at the top or bottom of the lineup. I think he should be at the top with Gardner at the bottom. I like having Gardner ninth as a double leadoff hitter with Jeter one and Ichiro two.

It does look like Nunez will get a lot of time at short as he was with Jeter the whole day. They were going through drills together and Girardi has said Jeter could DH more regularly, this is also an easy way to get Nunez in the lineup. We know Nunez can hit, he is a dynamic offensive player but he has to field enough. I am one that believes he will never be great out there but also needs to play more regularly and at one position to best succeed.

The first game of the spring will be on Saturday with the first televised game on YES on Sunday. The Yankees will be airing 19 spring games this year which is the most they have ever had on. The first game of the season will be on April 1st at home against the Boston Red Sox.

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