Friday, April 5, 2013

New York Yankees notes after the first series which they lost 2 out of 3

Hiroki Kuroda came out of the game on Wednesday night with an injury. It doesn’t appear to be serious though and no one thinks he will miss a start. He reached up on a hard liner up the middle and it glanced his hand. The Yankees have enough injuries and they just have to find a way to survive the first month until they get some of their guys back, they don’t need any more injuries. 
Cody Eppley didn’t pitch well but Adam Warren did and really saved the bullpen. Warren pitched one game last year and got knocked around, it is nice to see him get another chance and do well. He is a young guy who has had success in the minor leagues.

I didn’t think the Yankees offense was that bad, they had some good at bats and were unlucky in some situations. They did hit a couple of homeruns after not hitting any on Opening Day.

Vernon Wells had three hits including a homerun, he is a new guy who is older so it is nice for the Yankees to see that. He wasn’t having a good time in Los Angeles with the Angels but maybe a change of scenery will really help him like it did with Ichiro last season.

The Yankees said you never want to lose but the bottom line is they haven’t played well enough to win. I am not really worried because it was only two games. The offense isn’t going to be as good but if the pitching does what it is supposed to do they don’t need as much offense.

Eduardo Nunez and Francisco Cervelli have looked good early in the season. They both had good nights on Thursday night. Cervelli hit a homerun and made a very good defensive play in the first inning to save a run.

Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera added to their record for a combination of starting pitcher and closer with wins/saves. Pettitte also became the only pitcher in major league history with decisions in 18 different seasons and he doesn’t have a losing season.

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