Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New York Yankees news and notes

The New York Yankees lost a tough game on Friday night. They had a 3-0 lead; CC Sabathia was on the mound and pitching a no hitter. It was also in the sixth inning and then they lost and ended up getting swept. The Yankees have done a good job of hanging in there through all the injuries. They have come as far as they can go though and now they are falling apart. The pitching has been pretty good but without any room for error is sliding a little bit. The offense doesn’t score many runs and this is a problem. The Yankees need some guys to come back and they should in the second half but that isn’t helping them now.

Sabathia said after the game that he felt good and has been feeling good. He says he throws well but can’t put a whole start together and it is frustrating. The Yankees offense was good early on but then did nothing the final few innings. This is common this year, when they do score it is usually in one inning and they don’t do much the rest of the game.

Sabathia failed to get his 200th win again, Cano hits very well in Camden yards. It was announced on Monday afternoon that Alex Rodriguez would make a rehab start with A Charleston on Tuesday playing at least three innings.

The Yankees are a struggling offense that can use any help it can get at this point. A even not 100 percent Rodriguez will be better then what they have had at third so far. The Yankees are an offense that is looking for any kind of spark and they may have that coming in the near future.

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