Sunday, March 2, 2014

New York Yankees Saturday notes

CC Sabathia started for the Yankees today and his velocity quickly became an issue again.  I wouldn't

really worry about it as it is the beginning of spring training.  The reason it comes up though is

because last year it was a big problem and he had the worst year of his career.  Sabathia can be

effective even without a great fastball, he just has to adjust to it.  He was sitting at 88 today but he

said he feels good and he was still effective. 

Sabathia said that last year he threw a lot of fastballs in the dirt and today the ball stayed true and he was behind everything.  He said his arm feels great.  The manager said he isn't going to make much of the velocity  and thinks if he is downhill and locating he will be able to get people out. 

Alfonso Soriano was originally scheduled to make his spring debut on Sunday.  He was scratched to still not feeling well enough to play.  He saw the doctor again as he has been hit hard with the flu bug.  Joe Girardi said it will be a few more days.  They don't feel he is quite at full strength and don't want to run him out there like that. 

Girardi has his pitching rotation mapped out but won't reveal it past Wednesday yet.  He said he will announce it soon maybe even on Sunday.  The people want to know when Masahiro Tanaka will make his first start and also when Michael Pineda will.  I would say probably by the end of next week for both of them.  Pineda is throwing a sim game on Sunday. 

Why was Brian McCann catching on Saturday and DH on Sunday??  Joe Girardi said it is just moving him around so he sees other pitchers.  Girardi also said maybe he won't make every road trip.  He also lines up to catch Ivan Nova on Monday. 

Derek Jeter had some chances in the field today and looked good.  His mobility is there and he isn't favoring anything.  It is night and day from last year and he appears ready to go for the season.  He will continue to get in shape like everyone else and should be fine for the regular season. 

Dellin Betances has a chance to make the team out of the bullpen and so far he has been impressive.  If he keeps it up he will be on the team.  Cervelli talked about Tanaka and said it is like he has pitched in the majors before.  That he has that calm demeanor and it's cool.  He said he has been doing really well in the clubhouse as well. 

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