Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka and the New York Yankees take down the Boston Red Sox

The New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night.  The game took place at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts and the final score was 9-3 in favor of the Yankees.  Masahiro Tanaka started and was impressive once again for the Yankees.  Carlos Beltran had a homerun, Jacoby Ellsbury in his return to Boston had a very good game. 

Tanaka pitched 7 1/3 innings giving up two runs on seven hits.  He didn't walk a batter and struck out seven.  Dellin Betances gave up a couple of hits in 1 2/3 innings.  He gave up his first run of the season and struck out two. 

Jon Lester pitched  4 2/3 innings giving up 11 hits and eight runs with three of them being earned.  He walked four and struck out seven and took his third loss of the season.  Chris Capuano pitched 2 1/3 innings giving up two hits and striking out one, Edward Mujica pitched an inning giving up a hit and a run with a strikeout and Junichi Tazawa pitched an inning giving up a hit. 

Jacoby Ellsbury had two hits and two RBI, Derek Jeter had two hits, two RBI and drew a walk and Carlos Beltran had two hits and two RBI.  Alfonso Soriano had a hit, Mark Teixeira had a hit, an RBI and drew a walk.  Brian McCann had three hits, an RBI and drew a walk, Ichiro Suzuki had two hits and drew a walk and Brian Roberts had two hits.  Soriano, Teixeira, McCann, Ellsbury and Suzuki each hit a double and Ellsbury hit a triple.  Beltran hit a homerun and the Yankees were 7-18 with runners in scoring position and left nine men on base. 

Dustin Pedroia had a hit, David Ortiz had a hit and an RBI and Mike Napoli had two hits and an RBI.  Jonny Gomes had a hit, A.J. Pierzynski had a hit and Xander Bogaerts had a hit and an RBI.  Brock Holt had a hit, Jackie Bradley Jr. had a hit and Pedroia, Pierzynski, Napoli, Gomes and Bogaerts each hit a double.  Ortiz and Napoli each hit a homerun and the Red Sox were 1-7 with runners in scoring position and left five men on base.  Pierzynski and Napoli each committed an error and Pierzynski had a passed ball. 

In the first Jeter had an RBI single and Beltran had an RBI single to make it 2-0.  In the third Teixeira and McCann each hit an RBI double to push their lead to 4-0.  In the fourth Ortiz and Napoli hit back-to-back homeruns to cut the lead to 4-2.  In the fifth Roberts reached on an error and a run scored, Ellsbury had a two run double and Jeter had an RBI single.  The Yankees had a 8-2 lead and added another run in the eighth on a solo homerun by Beltran.  Bogaerts hit an RBI double in the ninth to complete the scoring at 9-3.  The Yankees won the first of three and the two teams will play game two on Wednesday night. 

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