Friday, November 14, 2014

The New York Mets signing of Michael Cuddyer

The Mets signed outfielder Michael Cuddyer to a two year and 21 million dollar deal.  They were the first ones to make a big splash.  Cuddyer is a sign that the Mets are ready to compete and done with their rebuilding mode.  He turned down the one year/15.3 million dollar qualifying offer from the Colorado Rockies.  The Rockies will get a compensation pick from the Mets which will be the number 15 pick in the draft. 

Cuddyer is 35 and a two time all-star.  He was the 2013 National League batting champion.  He is a veteran of 14 seasons with the Minnesota Twins and Colorado Rockies.  He owns a career 279 average and has played in 1,419 games.  He hits and throws right handed.  He played 49 games last season with the Rockies batting 332 with 10 homeruns and 31 RBI.  He made three trips to the disabled list with a left shoulder strain and a left hamstring strain. 

"We talk a lot about not giving up picks.  In this case, we looked at it, did the analysis and decided this player was worth it.  We had a pretty good sense of what was out there.  We're pretty happy that we addressed one of our biggest needs and, although we sacrificed a draft pick, didn't give up any of our current talent," Ricco said.  "We're still in a great position to have a productive meeting at the GM meetings and see how else we can improve the team.  "Certainly we value our draft picks and would like to hold onto them.  But, at the same time, we're looking to win.  So in this case, we decided that the value of Michael Cuddyer was worth it." 

They said that they looked at the injuries and there was nothing too concerning.  They feel he will be a good player for them.  They said the age is the age and their is risk with any signing but this is one they were willing to take.  I think this is a good move for the Mets as long as they add at least a shortstop with it.  I believe they are going to do that and then they are on their way.  They are too close to contending now to not take some risk and spend some money.  He will be a good veteran bat in the middle of their lineup.  It also signals to the fans and the rest of the baseball world that they aren't fooling around anymore and that the Mets are for real now. 

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