Friday, January 16, 2015

New York Yankees and New York Mets news and rumors

The New York Yankees have been busy settling their coaching staffs for their major league team and all of their minor league teams.  The Yankees Hal Steinbrenner was quoted on Wednesday at the owners meetings in Arizona.  He basically said what they have been saying all along that they have a high payroll and he would like to cut it even more but never say never.  He left the door open just slightly for Max Scherzer or James Shields for those that are dreaming but I still wouldn't expect it.  I would expect some lesser pitchers like Johan Santana on a minor league contract or maybe a trade.  The Mets have been involved in rumors for Ian Desmond of the Washington Nationals.  The first report the other day said that they balked at giving up Noah Syndergard and now it is coming back up again today with Dan Duquette making some comments about it.  I am not sure if it was close or still close but it does sound like they had substantial talks so we will see what happens there.  If I was the Mets I would trade Syndergard because you have to give up something to get something and having a really good SS could put them over the top. 

The New York Yankees avoided arbitration with pitcher Ivan Nova on Wednesday agreeing to a one year 3.3 million dollar deal that is non guaranteed.  The only other Yankees stuff that is going on is what is not going on.  Alex Rodriguez had posted some pictures of him fielding and hitting the ball to instagram but other than that he remains quiet.  He is still a big mystery and I honestly have no idea what to expect.  There are those that think he will just hang it up in spring training collect his money and the Yankees can collect there money through insurance and then there are some who think he will hit really well and don't count him out and some that think he will play but may not be very good.  It all remains to be seen but in a little over a month the circus will be in town in Tampa, Florida. 

As for the Mets they really haven't done much of anything this offseason.  They did sign Michael Cuddyer but that was pretty much it.  They are now involved in rumors of Dillon Gee being traded but that hasn't happened yet and also for a SS with the focus now on Ian Desmond.  I think they should go out and get him if they can.  I don't buy into Wilmer Flores being an option at SS right now.  I think the Mets are close enough that they need to go for it by acquiring a legit SS.  They have a good young pitching staff with plenty of guys other then Syndergard as well.  I personally would trade him knowing you already have Harvey, Wheeler and DeGrom with Niese, Gee, Colon etc.  We will see what happens but I think if they really want to contend this year go get a SS. 
There are still big names out there on the free agent market such as Scherzer and Shields but ultimately I

don't see either NY team getting involved and getting them.  I would say it is more likely for the Yankees of

course but I really don't see them getting involved either

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