Sunday, February 15, 2015

New York Yankees Spring Training Preview

The New York Yankees begin spring training on Friday February 20, 2015.  It is the official report day for pitchers and catchers and they will hold their first official workout the next day Saturday February 21, 2015.  The Yankees roster is pretty much set with maybe a couple position battles for backup catcher and last spot in the bullpen.  There are definitely some interesting storylines though. 

The biggest story will be of course the return of Alex Rodriguez from a year long suspension for his role in the biogenesis PED scandal.  He has had his meeting with the new commissioner and the Yankees and in the coming days before spring training will meet with the media probably at Yankee Stadium at the request of the Yankees.  The Yankees don't want him to do it in Tampa and be a distraction for spring training.  After all the talking and the questions it will be back to baseball.  Does Alex have anything left?  Can he perform at a high level or any level at all?  If he does make it through spring training and looks pretty good will he be the starting DH, will he bat in the middle of the order?  Will he play any 3B, 1B??  Will he be just a part time player?  As you see there are plenty of on the field questions to be answered. 

Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia.  The questions with these guys are will they be healthy?  Tanaka has a tear in his elbow we know that, the questions is will it hold up with the rehab he has had and the rest like three doctors recommended or will it blow out and he will need to get Tommy John surgery after all??  Pineda is a question because he hasn't been fully healthy in a few years.  When they were healthy last year they were dominant so if they can stay healthy that will be a big plus for the Yankees.  CC Sabathia is getting older and he has a degenerative knee condition.  He has been saying that he feels good and is ready to go but can his body really hold up and pitch a full year and then if it can, how effective will he be?? 

Is Stephen Drew really the second baseman?  Can Rob Refsnyder or Jose Pirela have a good enough spring and change their minds and make Drew a bench player??  If Drew is the starter was last year just a bad year because of not signing until the summer and not having spring training etc?  This could be the most interesting part of spring or the season.  If Drew struggles how quick will they pull the trigger on him and bring up one of the kids to take over, Pirela may make the team as a utility guy also. 

Can Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann get back to being very good middle of the order hitters and run producers.  McCann showed some life in September and the Yankees hope that will carry over.  They will give him the first year grace period and expect him to be better this year but are Beltran and Teixeira just shells of themselves or can they bounce back from injury and ineffectiveness.  They were both pretty good early last year until Beltran fell over a wall in Tampa Bay and his elbow bothered him the rest of the season and now Teixeira is another full year away from that wrist surgery.  He was pretty good the first half of last year and then just terrible in the second half last year.  It figures to be a very busy as usual camp but different in the fact that there are no Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera etc and there is Alex Rodriguez and a bunch of new faces to go with the aging veterans.  There will be a lot of focus in camp also of the young kids that appear to be the future and are getting their first tastes of big league camp.  It figures to be a fun and hectic six weeks before the season opens. 

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