Monday, October 24, 2016

The 2016 World Series is set

The Cleveland Indians disposed of the Toronto Blue Jays in five games and were waiting for their opponent.  The NLCS went to game six and on Saturday night in game six the Chicago Cubs finally made the World Series.  It had been 71 years since the Cubs last won a NL pennant in 1945.  The Cleveland Indians haven't been there since 1997 but haven't won a title since 1948.  The Chicago Cubs haven't won a title since 1908.  It should be a great World Series. 

The Cubs have been the sports best team all year and I still believe they are and will be the favorites.  The Indians though should not be overlooked.  The Cubs have a great manager in Joe Maddon but the Indians Terry Francona  is a master in the postseason for sure.  The pitching of the Cubs is probably a little better because they are healthy and the Indians aren't but the Indians staff has done a good job in the postseason.  I would give the Indians the edge out of the bullpen especially with their X factor Andrew Miller.  The Cubs have Aroldis Chapman who is really good also but is their closer.  They were teammates for most of this year with the New York Yankees until they were both traded at the deadline.  It is very compelling that they will now be meeting again as enemies in the World Series. 

I am going to go with the Chicago Cubs in six games but it should be a good, fun series.  I think with the Cubs the ratings will be up and for the casual fans that don't know that much about either of the teams they will be in for a treat.  Very good young ballplayers on both sides.  Javier Baez for the Cubs and Francisco Lindor for the Indians will be two guys to watch.  Another thing to watch is the rumor has it that Kyle Shwarber who has been out all season will be returning to be the DH in the AL park.  We shall see on Tuesday night in Cleveland if that is true.  I can't wait for this series to get going. 

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