Wednesday, December 31, 2008


There is not too much going on in Baseball since they shut down the sport from Christmas Day through New Years Day. The Boston Red Sox signed Brad Penny. The one Major thing that is going on in Baseball is MLB network goes on the Air starting tomorrow at 6:00PM. They will have a hot stove show followed by Don Larsens 1956 World Series Perfect game. The game will be shown with the original commercials and all, its a must see for all Yankees fans. I have been watching the preview of this network for a couple of weeks and it looks great. Our National Pastime goes full time starting tomorrow, it will be a great way to get all baseball info at anytime. I did hear yesterday that the Mets offered Derek Lowe a 3 yr 36million dollar contract, good for them, i think they should get Manny also. I hope the Sox dont get lowe and end up with nobody other then Tazawa the Japanese pitcher who may have no impact this year anyway. Happy New Years everyone and remember tomorrow our National Pastime goes Full Time.

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