Friday, January 2, 2009

Brett and the Jets

Brett Favre had his MRI and it looks like he has an excuse for his poor play at the end of the year. He had a torn biceps tendon and calcification in the area causing the pain in his shoulder. I hope Brett just bows out quickly here and doesn't play games with the Jets and their fans. They need to move on now with a new coach and get a QB for the future. It will be interesting to see who the quarterback will be if not Favre though, will they go back to Clemons or could the get Matt Cassell or draft someone? The Jets need to handle these two situations well and get that franchise going somewhere otherwise they will be the same old Jets.


  1. Wow.. Bret did not have a great game against miami but wow.. a torn biceps??

  2. Yeah I know, i was suprised by it myself. I think its just time for him to say goodbye. Thanks for your comment and come back anytime.



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