Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cano focused on having a Big year

Robbie Cano has a renewed fitness regimen that is drawing rave reviews within the Yankees organization. He hopes that this winter hype will translate to season success. He struggled through a terrible 08 where he finished with a 271 batting avg,14hrs,72rbi. He said he has been preparing himself both mentally and physically for the upcoming year. "It is motivation for me this year," Cano said. "Now I know I have to start from the beginning this year, in april not in June. I have to start early now." Cano appeared friday in New Rochelle,NY at an event for Hillside Food Outreach supporting an annual event held by former yankee Bernie Williams. He was noticably trimmer and said he has shed 5 pounds from the end of last year. Robbie is excited about playing in the WBC and hopes it will jumpstart his year. He also has heard the rumors but doesn't pay attention to them, he has dealt with it since he has been a yankee. He is very happy about the new additions and thinks thats what they needed, that they just have to stay healthy now. I think this is a great sign, and I look for Cano to bounce back and have a big year. If he is back to normal the Yanks will be in very good shape with their offense. Cano may be the 7 hitter in this lineup and be putting up 300+ with 20+hr.


  1. Cano's biggest problem has been lack of focus. Larry Bowa used to ride him hard. He has unlimited potential and Girardi benching him, although in my opinion should have been done earlier in the season, opened Cano's eyes. He was getting a bit too comfortable. I feel he has the potential to be a star as long as his head doesn't get too big. I'm looking for a marked improvement in his attitude and in his performance.

  2. Yes it has and I agree he missed Larry Bowa. He should of benched him much earlier in the year but I just think Girardi didn't know what to do with him. Yeah he dropped weight has a personal trainer and is working really hard so I expect a big year and hopefully he learned his lesson for good now. I think arod should go back to working out with him and Melky, they all seemed to thrive with that.



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