Friday, January 30, 2009

Larry King and Joe Torre

I sat through the entire Joe Torre interview on CNN with Larry King. I have to say he didn't ask the worst questions but no follow ups. I was writing in questions on the live blog along with some others, probably some of you im sure. The thing is they weren't asking the good questions online from us the real fans. It was ridiculous the things they were asking him on air, where were the good questions like Hey joe how does it feel to ruin countless bullpen arms? Hey Joe how does it feel to be up for so long, keep drinking that green tea in LA. I hope to see you in the world series where the Yankees can beat your brains in. Hey Joe thanks for ending the curse of the bambino. What were you thinking when you batted arod 8th? Hey Joe what happened to what happens in the clubhouse stays there?? Good job letting Joba get eaten up by the midges. How about the great strategy of playing the infield in in game 7 against arizona in 01 and losing the series for us. Should I continue, i am sure i have a lot more to say. How about I hear from you guys, please chime in and comment on this, how we really feel about Joe Torre, keep it clean of course but post your true feelings. Please also check out larry king lives blog to see some of my comments under Gary and also what is being discussed on


  1. Yeah, I watched the Larry King interview too. I am so surprised that Torre wrote this book. I thought he was better than that. He is still a cool dude though, IMO.

  2. yeah he is just a fraud, and no he isn't a cool guy.



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