Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cashman audio from today

Arod is the big story of the day and below I have the link to the Cashman audio on that. The Yankees are going to try and nurse him through it and I think that is the best move right now since he hasn't been bothered by it and it hasn't affected him. They have to keep a close eye on it and Alex has to be honest with them about it. The Yankees ultimately are going to win or lose by their pitching though even though if they lost Arod for a significant period it would hurt them. Joba did not get out of the first inning today giving up 5 runs on 4 walks, 1 hit and a wild pitch. He said afterwards that he felt fine and no worries but how long can this last before everyone panics?? If this continues would Phil Hughes get a shot and Joba back to the pen?? The good news from today is that Mariano Rivera threw his first bullpen of the season and felt fine and said he will be ready for opening day. It will be interesting to see what the Yanks do with Arod, how long will he be out but at least for now they don't have to worry about the steroids scandal. Cashman audio from today Posted using ShareThis


  1. I would give Joba another start or two. If he doesn't get any better, then we take a closer look at Phil as a possible number 5 starter.

    As for A-Rod, I like the idea of taking it slowly. If we didn't have a strong pitching staff, I would be very worried right now. I just thought of something funny. What if something happens and A-Rod misses the end of the season including the playoffs and the Yankees go on to win the World Series?

  2. Yeah I agree its too early to totally panic with Joba but another bad start or two and you have to think about it. I agree, if he has surgery he is out anyway so why not try and get him to play and hope he makes it through the season. People are already saying they hope he doesn't play and they will win blah blah blah, the Yankees have lost because they have no pitching and now they have it thats the biggest difference.



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