Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yanks at Reds

The New York Yankees travel to Sarasota today to face the Cincinatti Reds. I am going to post the lineups and the pitchers but first I want to get to a few notes from yesterday. Hideki Matsui was running the bases yesterday and it is believed that he will get into a game as DH next week at some point. Joba wasn't too worried about giving up two rockets yesterday in his 1 inning. He threw 21 pitches and only three were not 4 seam fastballs. He was just working on his arm strength, you have to remember that spring training is longer this year and the pitchers don't have to go all out just yet. CC will throw a simulated game today, he already may have and make his first start on Friday. Arod was supposed to meet with the MLB investigators but that is being delayed. He will play today then head off to be with the Dominican team, maybe he will meet with them Monday or Tuesday. Jeter,Cano and Marte will also be leaving for the WBC after the game today. You have to feel bad for Big Tex who is losing his whole infield for what can be up to 3 weeks. Joe Girardi im sure will be crossing his fingers that everyone comes back in one piece. The lineups and pitchers for today are: 1. Gardner(CF) 2. Jeter(SS) 3. Tex(1b) 4. Arod(3b) 5. Cano(2b) 6. Nady(Rf) 7. J. Rodriguez(Lf) 8. Ransom(DH) 9. Cash(C) Alfredo Aceves gets the start followed by Damaso Marte, Brian Bruney, Jon Albaladejo, Christian Garcia, Mark Melancon and J.B. Cox. The game is not on TV or radio today, you can check out the Yankees lohud blog for updates or for the boxscores. I will have updates after the game. This is the last game that the big boys will be together for a while, so after today you will see more of the Ransom,Berroa, etc in the lineup daily.


  1. A-Rod had a sweet RBI single, while Aceves sounds like he's rusty.

  2. Yeah the starters on offense have been doing well, its too bad for Tex that his whole infield is gone now to the WBC, can't wait to see AJ,CC pitch this week.



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