Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barry Bonds still out there

Barry Bonds has basically been blackballed by baseball, I know they deny it but it appears to be collusion by the owners. Barry Bonds is a easy guy to root against, he has a ton of baggage, he is considered a bad guy in the clubhouse and much more but one thing is for sure the guy can hit. I am starting a rumor and discussion here for the sake of debate. I am wondering if anyone thinks the Yankees should sign Barry Bonds, I know they don't have a spot this year it seems but what about next year when Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are coming off of the books? I just want to state that I am not for that move and wouldn't be under any circumstances but I am sure there are people that would be. I want to go over the pros first, he is always a threat, he can hit, he is a lefthanded hitter and he only has to DH in the american league. The cons are obvious with the steroid allegations and the ongoing investigations and court cases with him, the media firestorm although the Yankees are used to that and of course him just being a oronary guy and bad in the clubhouse. I would love to hear what Yankee fans have to say about this subject, please comment and email me and let me know either way what the thoughts on this are.


  1. I don't think the Yankees should go after him. My main reason is because of age. He hasn't played in two years and at his age, I don't think he will be a productive player.

  2. No way we should have TWO high profile past-steroid users on the team. Dealing with A-Rod is enough.



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