Sunday, July 12, 2009

Game 88: Yankees at Angels

Here are the pregame notes and lineup via Peter Abraham. The Yankees will try and salvage the final game of this series, roadtrip and the first half before the all star break. The Yankees will be off until Friday after today when they start a 9 game homstand with Detroit, Oakland and Kansas City. The Yankees really struggle with the Angels and need to get a win so they don't have to sit around for a few days and think about it. They have been playing so well but the first two games the pitching has been horrible and today the Yanks have their ace going so hopefully that will change. They have a rested Mo and Hughes also which is a good thing. Game 88: Yankees at Angels Posted using ShareThis

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  1. Well, this weekend was a disaster. I just don't get how the Angels give us so much trouble. Before the series, I thought we had a great shot to beat them with Vlad and Hunter on the DL.



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