Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joba Rules

The New York Yankees and Joba Chamberlain have gone back and forth between starter and reliever. He was a started last year until the playoffs and stated just the other day he intends on being a starter this season. He was at the Thurman Munson Awards dinner last night and had some things to say. He did state that he wants to be a starter but the Yankees have the final call and if the told him you are going to be a setup man and be ready to inherit MO's job when he retires he would be ready and able to do that. He stated he just wants to be told what to do and then stick with that. Joel Sherman of the NY Post had a article in todays paper about this and stated that Joba is going to be the setup man and Phil Hughes will be the 5th starter. I have been saying this for a while and I agree with it. The thing about Joba is he just seems different out of the pen. I have been in the Joba as a starter camp and I still believe he can be a very good starting pitcher. The thing though that the Yankees couldn't ignore and most of the fans was that he was sitting at 89-91 as a stater and looked tentative. Joba went back to the pen for the postseason and was back up in the high 90's and just looked dominant again. The Yankees will never admit it publicly but I do think they believe he is better suited for the bullpen now. It is very hard for them because of what they invested for him to be a starter. They went through all this Joba Rules stuff and now finally he is ready to be unleashed this season and what do you know he will most likely end up in the pen. The thing is Phil Hughes will have the rules but the Yankees have Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin and some others in the minors to cover the 5th starter role and if there is injury. I think the Yankees best team will be with Joba in the pen and Hughes starting. It will be a debate that will be ongoing but I am sure this is what most people want and will be happy as long as Joba executes in this role the way everyone thinks he will.


  1. The most logical and best thing for the Yankees to do is the one thing that they wont do. Let Joba have the 5th spot in the rotation as he is stretched out enough for a full season, and send Hughes to AAA to get his innings up. If Hughes starts we have to deal with the Hughes rules, as he cant pitch more than 140 innings next year. Send him to AAA he is only 23, give him a full year in AAA he can work on his secondary pitches and get his innings up and he can replaces Pettitte next year

  2. I am not totally disagreeing with you but I think the difference is Phil Hughes can be the 5th starter and skip some starts with Guadin,Mitre,Aceves etc filling in and Joba will be the setup man and eventual successor to MO.



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