Monday, March 29, 2010

Grapefruit League Game 24-New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles

The New York Yankees are taking on the Baltimore Orioles this evening from Sarasota. I don't know why I said the Cincinatti Reds yesterday but I did and that was clearly wrong. Here is the lineup for tonights game which won't be on TV or radio. I will then have some notes after the lineup. Yankees Lineup: Jeter(SS) Johnson(DH) Teixeira(1B) Rodriguez(3B) Cano(2B) Thames(LF) Winn(RF) Cervelli(C) Golson(CF) Javier Vazquez is making the start. The big news of the day is that Alfredo Aceves has a balky back. He will skip tomorrows relief appearance. Joe Girardi said he has been tight and "a little out of line" for a few days, the Yankees have decided to give him a few days off. Girardi said he believes that Aceves will pitch later this week and be ready for the opener on Sunday. Girardi said "It is something we're going to have to manage." Joe Girardi said the team will likely wait until Thursday or Friday before they finalize their roster. It is still a possibility that Phil Hughes starts in the minor leagues and is called up when the Yankees need the 5th starter. Girardi said him and Brian Cashman have not had a chance to talk about it yet, how they are going to do it. Girardi said "I am not quite ready to make that decision, but I am definitely leaning one way." That is what he said when asked about who his CF will be. Joel Sherman of the NY Post has reported a team source told him it would be Granderson and that is what I believe also. Pat Vendite the switch pitcher is on the travel roster for tomorrows game and Girardi is excited. He said "I have wanted to see it all spring, I would like to put him in against a left, right ,left." Joba, Dave Robertson, Grant Duff and Royce Ring are available out of the bullpen today. Alan Horne is injured again, he was the Eastern League pitcher of the year a couple of years ago. He just can't stay healthy. He has more then a 80 percent tear in his rotator cuff.

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