Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yankees Injury Updates

Here are some of the injury updates from the Yankees: Jorge Posada-He is fine, he could of batted lefthanded today if they needed him too. The situation didn't arise though. Mark Teixeira-He said he felt really good today and you know your own body. He said he knew he would be ok. He was wearing a protective sleeve on his arm today and said Joe Girardi told him he wants him to wear it until he 100% doesn't feel anything at all. Alfredo Aceves-Joe Girardi just said that he is better then he was yesterday and is still scheduled to pitch tomorrow. Dave Robertson-This is a strange one but Joe Girardi saw him shaking his leg during the game and went to check on him. It turned out his shoes were hurting him, Robertson said maybe it is time for new shoes.

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