Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yankees postgame Notes.

Here are some of the postgame notes from the Yankees game today. A.J. Burnett had a rough first inning, giving up 2 singles, 2 stolen bases a sac bunt and a walk. Pitching Coach Dave Eiland went out to the mound to talk to him and said "You have good stuff, we are still in the game. Continue to attack, don't pick, take charge." Burnett said he didn't think his stuff was that good today but that Eiland and Posada told him otherwise and he trusted them. It is only 2 games but Posada and Burnett have worked pretty well together so far which is a good thing. There was a weird play in the 6th inning when Evan Longoria hit a pop up which should of been the final out of the inning. It hit a catwalk though and was ruled a hit. Jorge Posada who is always outspoken had this to say "It's not a baseball stadium. You can't have balls going all over the place, it's sad." Posada said that Burnett threw 5 changeups today and he expects even more as he gets used to it. "It is a swing and miss pitch, it really is." Posada said. Burnett was asked if he wears his Marlins World Series ring and he said no, they said will you wear your Yankees one and he said "Absolutely." Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson are tied for the league lead in stolen bases with 3 each. They can certainly run and you will see that a lot this year when they are on base. The Yankees have a workout tomorrow at the stadium and then the welcome home dinner in the evening. They will receive their rings on Tuesday and raise the championship banner. Bernie Williams will throw out the first pitch and their will be a fly over. It will be a special day at the stadium and I will be there to cover it all. I can't wait to get there and provide you guys with some good coverage of the Opening Day festivities.

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