Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yankees Postgame Notes

Javier Vazquez wasn't great but I don't know if he deserved the boos he received today. Javier didn't pitch particularly well but the fans are remembering him more for what he did his last time around in 2004. They aren't going to give him much of a chance because of that and it is something that Vazquez will have to work through. Here is what Joe Girardi said "As soon as he can get a win here, I think it will be best for all of us. Fans they remember, his next start will be on the road and it would be nice to get him a win and on a roll. Today we didn't score many runs, he could of won that game as well if we would of scored some runs today." Vazquez said it was "disappointing" to hear the boos but was upset with himself mostly. He was pressed by the media and finally admitted he thinks it is too early to be booed. Derek Jeter said "The bottom line is, they are Yankee fans. They want to cheer for you, they come here to cheer for you. Everyone has been booed at some point. You can't let it affect you. If Javy gives up three runs everytime he pitches he is going to have a pretty good year." Nick Swisher said this about Joel Piniero "I can remember him from back when he was with Seattle. He was a power guy, threw really hard. Now he still has that power in there but is using it more for movement. He threw some great sinkers today. Just when you think it is going to be in the zone it falls off the table." Robinson Cano has hit safely in all 8 games this season and has more multi hit games then one hit games. He has 5 multi hit games. Scott Kazmir will come off the DL tomorrow to make the start against the Yankees. Thanks to Chad Jennings for providing the quotes on his Lohud Yankees Blog.

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