Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yankees have busy day on Friday

The New York Yankees on Friday announced the signing of veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood to a minor league deal. He will serve as insurance in AAA and he has an opt out on May 1st if he isn't called up to the Majors by then. The Yankees also traded Sergio Mitre to the Milwaukee Brewers for Chris Dickers who will serve as outfield depth. If Curtis Granderson starts on the DL which may be likely considering how conservative the Yankees are then he has a shot to come north with the team on Tuesday. The Yankees will play their final grapefruit league game on Tuesday and fly to New York after, they will work out at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday and open the season on Thursday afternoon. The Yankees will announce their roster decisions or most of them on Saturday. They met on friday and know what they are going to do but they wanted to talk to the players first. It appears that Gustavo Molina will be the backup catcher with Jesus Montero headed to AAA to continue to work on things, he is only 21 and it isn't that big of a deal although some fans will make it that. Austin Romine will be in AA Trenton and could move to AAA by some point this season depending on how he performs. They are guys worth watching and probably the future for the Yankees but why rush them when you don't have too, Francisco Cervelli will be back by the beginning of May and he will reclaim his job most likely. Montero said he will be fine with going to the minors, he said he gave it his best shot and knows his time will come. He said he will work hard down there and he will get his chance eventually. Girardi nodded his head when asked if Nova made the rotation. Girardi said Nova didn't have his best stuff on Friday night but still pitched effectively. He said that is maturing as a pitcher when you are able to do that. Eric Chavez hit his first spring homerun in his first game back from a calf injury, he just missed another and finished with three hits. He is batting 421 this spring and will the the backup infielder. He can play first and third and that is important especially with the Yankees wanting to give A-rod some time off. Curtis Granderson came through his pregame running feeling good enough that he was cleared to do some light throwing as well. Girardi said the intensity will pick up tomorrow. Joba Chamberlain, Dave Robertson, Boone Logan and Rafael Soriano all pitched and are all scheduled to pitch back-to-back so they should all get into tomorrows game as well. Nick Swishers foot was fine during the game tonight. Joe Girardi came out to argue a call at home plate tonight, he said he figures you have to practice. Chris Dickerson the new outfielder coming over from Milwaukee is flying into Tampa tonight and they aren't sure when Kevin Millwood would be coming to Tampa. Brian Cashman the Yankes GM said he isn't done shopping yet, it doesn't mean he will make another move this spring but he will keep looking around. "I feel that we have some quality choices in house, but my job is always to find people who are better than what we have." The Yankees will play the Pittsburgh Pirates at home tomorrow afternoon. The game will be on the YES network at 1:05PM.

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