Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yankees News and Notes as the season nears

The New York Yankees announced their rotation on Saturday with Ivan Nova winning the fourth starter position and Freddy Garcia the fifth position. Bartolo Colon despite outpitching Garcia will be in the bullpen. He is the longman and spot starter although Joe Girardi envisions him being like Alfredo Aceves a guy who can do multiple things like pitching an inning or two or long relief or spot starting. Sergio Mitre was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday for outfielder Chris Dickerson. The Yankees feel they don't have great outfield depth and this would help. Dickerson in his first game on Saturday went 3-3 but he came out of the game with what they think is cramps. He was better on Sunday but they still don't know for sure what is bothering him. The Yankees lost to the Minnesota Twins 7-6 on Sunday but Robinson Cano and Austin Romine each hit a homerun. The only guy who pitched who may be on the Yankees this season is Steve Garrison. The only reason he has a chance is because Pedro Feliciano is almost certainly beginning the year on the DL. The Yankees haven't announced their backup catcher, backup infielder and utility guys yet but they are expected to do so on Monday. It is expected to be Eric Chavez, Eduardo Nunez and Gustavo Molina. Francisco Cervelli should be returning in the beginning of May and Molina will hold the fort until then. Montero will be in AAA and Romine in AA and continue to develop, they are both young guys and the future at that position why rush them. The Yankees still don't know Curtis Granderson status but it looks like he may not have to go on the DL. If he doesn't that would be a good thing even if he can't start on Opening Day. Joe Girardi said he still isn't sure about the lineup, he is still thinking about it and won't know until Thursday what he is going to do. It seems that Romulo Sanchez may be traded, stay tuned on that one. The Yankees announced they will be doing their third annual Hope Week again this year. It will take place in July and they had a little girl today at the game that saved another girl from drowning. It is a great week that they have produced the last couple of years and it will continue.

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