Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yankees lose a tough one

The Yankees had no business losing this game but they did 5-4 in ten innings.  The Yankees had a 4-0 lead with two outs in the eighth inning but Soriano had no control and David Robertson couldn't clean up his mess.  Boone Logan got charged with the loss as he couldn't get anyone out.  The only reliever who did a good job was Luis Ayala.  The question though was what was Joe Girardi doing taking C.C. Sabathia out and bringing Rafael Soriano in.  Sabathia I know he wants to protect him early on but he retired 17 straight batters and had only thrown 104 pitches to that point, I think I would of brought him out for the eighth and then took him out at the first sign of trouble if there was any.  I think once the Twins saw him out of the game they were like ok we can do something here.  Soriano of course is to blame also because he still should be able to protect a four run lead.  If he even gave up a couple of runs that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world as long as he got to the ninth inning with the lead and Mariano Rivera could close the game out. 

Mariano Rivera never got that chance because Soriano walked three batters in 2/3 of an inning and had to be taken out with the bases loaded and one run already in.  Dave Robertson got unlucky as he gave up a bloop double that tied the game because it was on a 3-2 count and the runners were going on the pitch.  The Yankees still had a chance to win the game but they couldn't do anything offensively and Boone Logan couldn't get anyone out in the tenth inning.  Luis Ayala did a good job at holding the Twins to only the one run but the Yankees went down 1-2-3 in the tenth inning.  The Yankees offense after hitting two homeruns early got completely shut down the rest of the way. 

The offense now two games in a row has shutdown after scoring early, it didn't cost them last night but it did tonight.  The offense if they could of tacked on a couple of more runs then the game probably would of been out of reach but when it is 4-0 even though it seems in control especially in Yankee Stadium that lead isn't big enough.  Joe Girardi was asked all about his decisions after the game and he said Soriano is the eighth inning guy and with a four run lead that isn't too much.  The question though is what is too big of a lead for him to come into the game is it five runs, six runs??  We know it isn't four because he said so.  Soriano is new to the team and maybe he wanted to show confidence in him but he definitely left himself open for criticism and lots of second guessing.  It is early in the year and the Yankees are 3-2 with the Red Sox being 0-4 so it isn't the end of the world. 

The two teams will play game three of four tomorrow night with Freddy Garcia making his debut against ex Yankee Carl Pavano.  If the Yankees come back and win tomorrow this will all be forgotten and then they can try and win the series on Thursday afternoon with A.J. Burnett going up against Francisco Liriano who was mentioned in trade rumors going to the Yankees over the winter and spring. 

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